The Early Years

Gretta Vitta was raised in a very conservative family-oriented household in Venezuela. From the age of four she was involved in modeling, and participated in several beauty pageants, such as “Chica Carabobo” for the Chica 2001 beauty pageant, the second largest in Venezuela after the Miss Venezuela. Gretta graduated high school in Valencia, one of the largest Cities in Venezuela. In 1995 she to traveled to the United States to further her education and study English.

Family Life
Gretta has three adorable boys. Anthony (21) is the oldest, who is currently attending college. Blake (14) enjoys competitive baseball and golfing. Her youngest son, Braxton (11), practices karate and loves to eat! With Tyler's daughter Taegen our family is complete, Taegen is (7), enjoys basketball and is super sweet, loving and funny.  In addition, Gretta enjoys spending quality time with her "partner in life", Tyler Everett, leading a healthy lifestyle, as they share so many things such as the beach, traveling and outdoor sports.  They are extremely passionate about bodybuilding and changing peoples lives. They are the owners of a business venture, "GT Fitness". They both also enjoy spending quality time with their families.
Gretta Vitta and Tyler Everett's romance is truly one of a kind.
The duo famously partnered back in summer of 2016. Throughout their time together,  Gretta and Tyler have made hearts swell with their slew of sweet moments, and the "Can't Stop the Feeling" Tyler constantly gushes about having "the best woman in the world." Gretta has expressed similar sentiments, saying, "He supports everything that I do and that's why I think he's such a wonderful partner." And that's just the beginning! Follow this amazing love story to see what other sweet things the couple have said about each other, then check out these can't-miss tidbits and quotes about Tyler that every die-hard fan should know.
Tyler also nearly chokes up talking about his Venezuelan Vixen or his Queen, Gretta Vitta, and what a great mother she is. "I have this new appreciation for them." he shares. "It's humiliating and humbling at the same time."

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A Respected Business Woman
Gretta Vitta is a successful Hispanic business woman. She was propelled into fame when she became 'The Lady in Red' for her humanitarian work for "The American Red Cross Haiti Relief" and "Chile Earthquake".  Gretta is the former president of her public relations and marketing company, "Powerful Marketing", which specialized in corporate, social, and charity events. Before Gretta launched "Powerful Marketing" she served as corporate director for a prestigious construction company in Palm Beach County. Throughout her career, she held different roles in various organizations, through which she has demonstrated being team-oriented, dependable, self-motivated, and passionate about her work and clients.

Latina Anchor
The beautiful and talented former model once again demonstrated her versatility and intelligence by starring in her own television show,  “Spanglish con Gretta Vitta”.  This was a show featured on "Hola Vision TV", an affiliate station with CBS 12 in West Palm Beach, and was produced and directed by Gretta. Gretta featured local hot spots and events that focused on the high-end local establishments in South Florida.  Focusing on Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, “Spanglish con Gretta Vitta” showcased entertainment, restaurants, social events, children's venues, colleges and other social hot spots in the area.  Her extensive resume also includes performing as a radio host for WPBR 1340am and voice-overs for commercials on Mia 92.1 fm.  Gretta also wrote "Destination South Florida with Gretta Vitta" for the following magazines and newspaper:  "Hispanic in America Magazine”; "Latin Connection Magazine"; "Sunset Drive Magazine"; and "El Punto Newspaper".

A Passion for Excitement & Fun!
“I love going for the adrenaline rush", said Gretta. "Cliff jumping in Mexico and climbing the Himalayas are on my to-do list. I love to dance, but then again who doesn’t? I adore my boys and I enjoy life! My favorite food is sushi. My friends think I'm addicted to baseball, and they're RIGHT! I love fast bikes and cars, “AMO el Peligro” (I love danger).  Running at the beach in the afternoon after a long day of work is a great way to end the day. I'm also addicted to my hobby, the gym... ;) My hero is my father; my mother is my best friend; my brother Alvaro is my role model, and my little brother is my precious." Today, Gretta is a mother of three, who spends most of her free time at baseball games, outdoor activities with her children.
A little about my fitness lifestyle
"I grew up as a gymnast and dancer; in fact I started dancing (ballet, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, bachata & modern) when I was only 5 years old. In my teenage years, my oldest brother was into bodybuilding, then we started having practices in a gym to make everyone really fit, and I was hooked but had no idea what I was doing. I was jumping from machine to machine, and had no clue about sets or resting or training body parts at different times in the week, or cardio.... It was sad :).

Several years ago I met a national level competitor, who approached me and started working with me.... He put me on a diet and trained me intensely so that I could prepare for a show. At the point when I was almost completely ready for the show, I was amazed by the transformation my body had made! After that first show I was hooked!  Competing in the bodybuilding world was like being on a whole new level from being on stage as a model and participating in beauty pageants.

"So now, after I have dedicated my entire life to fitness thanks to my incredible parents and amazing brother, I never stop pushing the limits, looking for improvement over the previous day, week, month, show...

After several years of weight training and competing, my ultimate goal is to earn my IFBB Professional status in Women's Physique, at which time I want to earn the opportunity to compete on the Physique Olympia stage. 

I would like to have and promote my own NPC bodybuilding show someday. I believe in myself, and know that my dreams will come true.  And I am thankful for those who have taken the time to train me, teach me how to make my meals, and assess my progress over the years to make sure that I am on track.  I am also grateful for the constant support from my friends, family, and sponsors for believing in me, and for giving me the freedom to train and focus on my career goals.
Gretta is also a sponsored athlete by a 4 incredible companies; Dark Iron Fitness, VMI Sports, Stryve Foods and Alpha Outpost.