Our one-on-one complete fitness solution can help you overcome these common obstacles and set you on the right path to achieving your health and fitness goals! Personal attention in a private setting! You will work one-on-one with a Fitness Together trainer at our gym located in Stuart, FL.
The experts at Fitness Together will design a specific exercise routine that aligns directly to your lifestyle and personal goals.

We begin with a Consultation and Assessment to create a customized fitness program that takes into consideration your current condition, your specific health and fitness goals, and any special requests for strong results and safe outcomes.

Our customized personal training plans are tailored to meet your specific goals, while maximizing results and minimizing injuries. 

Each workout is organized and planned prior to your appointment, so that when you arrive at the studio you can start working out right away by warming up and stretching in a private fitness suite. 

Most importantly, your personal trainer demands accountability. To bring real change, you need a personal fitness coach who is directly responsible for your success in the program. Your trainer demands accountability – not unkindly, but firmly – because it is necessary for success. Success is our business and we take achieving your health and fitness goals seriously. Our personal training experts plan and organize your workouts so that all you need to do is come into the gym ready to work.
 About GT Fitness 
Gretta Vitta  is a mother of 3, originating from beautiful Venezuela. Having a very diverse background in both business and personal training, she has competed at top levels in the NPC. Her success comes from many experiences and her general attitude toward life. Her positivity and intensity naturally shift to her clients, to whom she devotes 100% of her attention in each and every session. She is known for making a brutal training session fun because her clients are kept smiling and laughing as they work with Gretta to accomplish and blow beyond their goals.
Tyler Everett is a father of 1, also with a diverse background. His more than 10 years working underground in the physically demanding PA coal mines, 15 years in the military, and nearly 20 years in the "gym scene" have taught him not only about physical strength, but also the importance of mental and emotional strength.
Together, Gretta & Tyler have more than 20 years training experience, and share the desire to help others achieve their goals. Their mindset is that if they can make a positive impact on the lives of their clients, then they have achieved success.
Whether you are looking for contest preparation, a lifestyle or physique change, or perhaps just need to change up your current routine, these two have the skills to meet your need. For those who either want to join (are joining or already have enlisted) in the US Armed Forces, or just want to experience that level of training, they also offer personalized training regimens to prepare you for the intense training you will endure.
Gretta and Tyler's "GT Fitness" has a training style for every individual. Don't hesitate - "Get Fit With US".
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